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We all need a little help sometimes with challenging parking spaces. Thankfully, with the BMW Parking Assistant, perfect parallel parking can happen. The latest BMWs are equipped with the up-to-date BMW Parking Assistant. At a push of a button, the system takes over and parks the car into any spot.

How BMW Parking Assistant Work?

The BMW Park Assistant can handle the most difficult parallel parking and tight spaces with ease. You can maneuver in and out of parking spots with amazing accuracy by having the system control the steering while you still have full control of the accelerator, gears, and brakes.

Simply turn on the indicator “Auto PDC” (Automatic Park Distance Control) and the parking job will be done for you. Even if drivers get too close to other objects, Auto PDC will issue alert to warn about any potential obstacle. Also, visual instructions in the Control Display, as well as acoustic signals, ensure that the driver is fully in control of the parking process.

Watch this video on how to use the BMW Parking Assistant.

BMW Parking Assistant-Guide

3 Components of the BMW Parking Assistant

  • Active Park Distance Control
  • BMW Driver Assistance Plus
  • Driver Assistance Plus II

Active Park Distance Control as Part of the BMW Parking Assistant

The BMW Active Park Distance Control (PDC), as part of the BMW Parking Assistant, works in sync to automatically detect and avoid obstacles while parking into the desired space.

The Park Distance Control provides automatic braking as an emergency precaution. The system takes over and applies brakes when a possible collision in the rear is detected during reverse operations carried out by the driver. The Park Distance Control alert drivers with acoustic warnings. Ultrasound sensors located on the rear bumper accurately measures and accesses the distance to the nearest object in reverse. It can significantly minimize blind spots. Safety and convenience are greatly heightened with this powerful technology.

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BMW Parking Assistant

BMW Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II

Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II are only available with the Navigation System Business or Professional. Both packages are offered exclusively with the Steptronic transmission (as equipped for the BMW 7 Series.) Both systems include a range of functions that ensure added road safety for drivers and passengers. Note that Driver Assistance Plus is required when Driver Assistance Plus II package is selected.

BMW Driver Assistance Plus

  • Surround View with 3D View
  • Speed Limit Info
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation
  • Daytime Pedestrian Protection
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Parking Assistant with Active Park Distance Control

BMW Driver Assistance Plus II

  • Traffic Jam Assistant
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go

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