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BMW FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 12, 2020

What Does BMW Stand ForWhat Does BMW Stand For


BMW has been an iconic brand in the automobile industry for luxury vehicles. From the renowned driving performance to the pioneering driving technologies, BMW is recognized as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and “Sheer Driving Pleasure.” So, how did this automaker become the BMW we know today, and what does the name BMW stand for? Let’s explore.



BMW Maintenance Cost GuideBMW Maintenance Cost


See the latest BMW maintenance cost guide explaining BMW maintenance plans’ cost breakdown for the 2017 and later model year BMWs. The maintenance cost guide outlines in detail the complimentary BMW maintenance plan – BMW Ultimate Care, as well as the fee-based BMW maintenance plans – BMW Ultimate Care+ and BMW Ultimate Care+1,2,3,4.



How to Know Your BMW Maintenance ScheduleBMW Maintenance Schedule


Maintaining your BMW on a regular basis is essential to keep your car running at maximum efficiency, and it helps to prolong your car’s lifespan. BMW has a very precise system that sets the intervals of the required maintenance due for each model. Our guide explains the BMW maintenance schedule system with the step-by-step instruction to help you find out if the scheduled maintenance on your BMW is due.



BMW Logo Meaning and HistoryBMW Logo Meaning and History


The BMW logo – the iconic blue, white and black roundel symbol is the well-known representation of performance and luxury in the automobile industry. The BMW logo is recognized internationally as the symbol behind the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” However, the meaning of this famous logo has been controversial since the 1920s. What is the real meaning behind the BMW Logo? Let’s find out.



BMW M Logo Meaning, Colors, and HistoryBMW M Logo Meaning, Colors, and History


The symbolic logo of the BMW Motorsport, more commonly referred to as the BMW M, consists of the three colors blue, purple, and red. The BMW Motorsport is a sub-division of the BMW Group handling specially-tuned, high-performance BMW models that were initially made for racing.