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BMW Logo Meaning and History

The BMW logo – the iconic blue, white and black roundel symbol is the well-known representation of performance and luxury in the automobile industry.

The BMW logo is recognized internationally as the symbol behind the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” However, the meaning of this famous logo has been controversial since the 1920s.

What is the real meaning behind the BMW Logo? Let’s find out.

What Does the BMW Logo Mean

BMW Logo Meaning Controversies

According to the popular rumor, the blue and white checkered design set inside a black roundel is supposed to represent a rotating aircraft propeller, with the colors blue and white representing the white and silver spinning propeller blades against the blue sky.

However, according to the New York Times and Daily News Auto, the BMW logo colors are inspired from the Bavarian flag colors, which makes sense because Bavaria is the roots of BMW’s origin.

Dr. Florian Triebel, who is the Executive Board Member of BMW AG, commented on the meaning behind the BMW logo

“There are two traditions concerning the significance of the BMW logo and trademark, offering two different interpretations of its sky blue and white fields. One interpretation points to a rotating propeller. The other relates the BMW logo to Bavaria as the place where the products are manufactured”

bmw logo on blue

So, What Is the True Meaning of the BMW Logo?

According to the company history on BMW’s website, BMW officially trademarked it’s blue and white roundel logo on December 10th, 1917.

“The round brand logo with the letters BMW and the stylized propeller designed in the Bavarian national colours of blue and white is entered under the number 221388 in the Trademark Registry of the Imperial Patents Office.”

During the later years in the 1920s, the BMW logo was presented in an advertisement “as a stylized rotating propeller” which BMW stated was the reason behind the widely known interpretation of the BMW logo.

To clear up the controversy, BMW released a video explaining the real meaning behind the BMW logo, which BMW confirms that the blue and white roundel BMW logo was an inspiration from the Bavaria flag.

bmw logo on hood

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