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The symbolic logo of the BMW Motorsport, more commonly referred to as the BMW M, consists of the three colors blue, purple, and red. The BMW Motorsport is a sub-division of the BMW Group handling specially-tuned, high-performance BMW models that were initially made for racing.

What Does the BMW Logo Mean

What the BMW M Logo Colors Mean?

  • The blue in the BMW M logo represents BMW and its home in the Bavarian region in Germany
  • The purple in the BMW M logo represents the transition and collaboration between the colors blue and red
  • The red in the BMW M logo represents the partnership of BMW and Texaco, an American oil brand, in the early ages of BMW Motorsport. When the collaboration between the two ended, BMW bought out the rights to the color red from Texaco.

BMW Motorsports Division

Today, the BMW M division participates in racing, touring, and championships as well as producing road-going BMW models, including motorcycles, with modified or upgraded specifications made for performance. Every BMW M model is precisely tuned and road-tested in the world’s most challenging racing circuit – the Nürburgring in Germany. So, the BMW M badge has become a symbol of BMW’s power and performance.

What Does the BMW M Logo Mean
BMW FAQ What Does the BMW M Logo Mean

A Brief History of BMW Motorsports

In 1924, BMW attained its very first success in racing on the Mittenwalder Gsteig hill climb by race driver Rudolf Schleicher. Since then, BMW has become involved in racing, touring, and Motorsport activities, the success has finally led to the establishment of BMW Motorsport GmbH in 1972.

1982 was the year that BMW first participated in Formula 1 as an engine supplier with its partner Brabham Team. Shortly after, in 1983, the Brazilian racer Nelson Piquet won the World Championship with BMW’s turbo engine, which was marked as a milestone success for BMW Motorsports. The winning Formula 1 turbo engine was a 1.5-liter four-cylinder paired with an exhaust turbocharger and a unique digital engine electronics, which produced up to 1300 horsepower.

BMW’s victory in Motorsports heightened as the iconic BMW M3 made won the touring-car championship in 1987. The first generation of the BMW M3 conquered the international touring-car racing for five consecutive years. See our complete guide on BMW M3 History.

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