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Top 6 Amazingly Useful Technologies in the BMW 7 Series

Oct 19, 2020

The 7 Series is the top-of-the-line model that BMW calls “the most luxurious, most comfortable and – all around – the best car we have ever built in this class.” It is the most technologically advanced BMW crafted with luxury and dressed in elegance.

Close to four decades in the making, the BMW 7 Series have always been equipped with the latest and greatest technology gadgets that BMW formulates. So, what cool and useful technologies in the BMW 7 Series exceed our expectations for this ultra-luxury Sedan?

Number 6: The Updated Navigation System Professional in the BMW 7 Series

Top 6 Amazingly Useful Technologies in the BMW 7 Series

The Navigation System Professional in the BMW 7 Series facilitates the use of Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) via the built-in SIM card. The updated 10.25-inch LCD full-color touchscreen display comes with the standard split screen function, voice control, as well as 20 GB of memory for audio files.

Switching from the navigation to the iDrive Touch Controller can be easily done with the touch screen function, the gesture control (we will talk about this in a little bit), or through the available seven bookmarks.

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Number 5: The Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster in the BMW 7 Series


Traditionally, Instrument Cluster shows a full range of drive-related information such as speedometer reading, fuel level, temperature display, etc. The new Digital Instrument Cluster pulls essential information regarding the current drive mode into the display. Also, it interchanges different color schemes as well as graphic symbols to represent various driving modes selected.


How the Instrument Cluster Display Different Driving Modes

  • COMFORT Mode: Displays a four-dial presentation, with highlighting the current speed and showing the magnifier function
  • SPORT Mode: Enlarges and displays the current speed and the gear selection in digital readings
  • ECO PRO Mode: The rev counter turns into the EfficientDynamics gauge, which indicates how to maximize efficiency and how the journey is progressing

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Number 4: The Interactive Traffic Sign Update as Part of the BMW 7 Series ConnectedDriveBMW 7 Series Performance V8 Engine

A new, never been seen before “Interactive Traffic Sign Update” as part of the Intelligent connectivity is an innovative first by BMW within the entire industry. The system is a map database with roadside traffic signs along with their position data. The program stays up-to-date by collecting anonymous info from BMWs that activate the optional Speed Limit Info camera function. Traffic sign data collected are uploaded to the main server to benefit BMW ConnectedDrive users.

Number 3: The Convenient Head-Up Display in the BMW 7 Series

The Head-Up Display is a display that projects drive and multimedia related information onto the front windshield of the car. The projected data can include various driving status, system warnings, directional messages, and even multimedia information.

In the BMW 7 Series, the Head-Up Display is 75% enlarged (compared to other BMW models) in the projected area with improved full-color graphics quality.

Specifically, the Head-UP Display can project the following vehicle and drive-related information:

  • Road Speed
  • Speed Limits
  • Overtaking Restrictions
  • Check Control messages
  • Vehicle Status
  • Warning Messages
  • Navigational Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Telephone and Call Information
  • Entertainment Menu

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Number 2: The Parking Assistant in the BMW 7 Series

Equipped with the up-to-date Parking Assistant, at a push of a button, the system takes over and parks the car into any spot. Yes, that includes those dreadful parallel parking. The car does it all, from steering, shifting, braking, to aligning itself into space. All tasks are being executed perfectly without you lifting a finger. This is just one example of the BMW 7 Series’ modern technology at its best.

Active Park Distance Control as Part of the BMW Parking Assistant

Active Park Distance Control, as part of the Parking Assistant function, provides automatic braking as an emergency precaution. The system takes over and applies braking when a possible collision in the rear is detected during reverse operations carried out by the driver.

Parking Assistant as Part of the BMW Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II Package

The useful BMW Parking Assistant function is part of the two safety packages offered by BMW – the Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II. Both packages include functions which ensure added road safety for drivers and passengers.

The Driver Assistance Plus and Driver Assistance Plus II are available with the Navigation System Business or Professional only and are both offered exclusively with the Steptronic transmission, as equipped for the BMW 7 Series.

Driver Assistance Plus (A $1,900 Package)

  • Surround View with 3D View (available separately as a $750 Safety Option)
  • Speed Limit Info
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation
  • Daytime Pedestrian Protection
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Parking Assistant with Active Park Distance Control
  • Driver Assistance Plus II is required when Driver Assistance Plus package is selected

Driver Assistance Plus II (A $1,700 Package)

  • Driver Assistance Plus is required when Driver Assistance Plus II package is selected
  • Traffic Jam Assistant
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance
  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go


Number 1: The Advanced Touch Display and Gesture Control in the BMW 7 Series

The new Center Console for the Navigation Professional and the latest iDrive 5.0 system features a 12.3-inch Touch Display with Gesture Control is exclusive to the BMW 7 Series. The monitor located on the Center Console works like any touchscreen device, while you can still make selections via the traditional buttons and voice command.

The Gesture Control makes our list for the most wanted BMW gadget update. We call it the “magic touch.” It allows the driver to initiate functions with hand movements in the air. Yes, this is not a typo. The function recognizes gestures such as pointing in different directions, swirling your fingers, and even customized gestures for elective functions.

The Gesture Control system has the ability to control a number of tasks such as adjusting audio volume, accepting or rejecting incoming calls, as well as recording user specified gestures to pair with a user selected function.