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Pets are our best friends, and traveling with them in your car can be fun, but worrisome at times. Keeping your pets calm, comfortable and safe during road-trips is an important responsibility. Explore the top-rated pets travel accessories for your BMW to keep you and your furry friend happy and protected on the go.

The Best Pet Travel Accessories

  1. Pet Car Carrier
  2. Pet Seat Cover
  3. Pet First Aid Kit
  4. Pet Travel Water Bottle
  5. Pet Travel Food Bowl
  6. Pet Travel Bag
  7. BMW Trunk Organizer
  8. Car Vacuum
BMW Pet Travel Accessories for Car

#1. Pet Car Carrier

Consider a pet car carrier for your fussy pets when traveling with them. You can keep your pal safe on the road while lowering your distraction level when driving. Pick a quality pet car carrier that fits perfectly and securely in your BMW’s backseats while providing comfort and protection for your pets. Explore different sizes to find the right one for your furry friend.

Choose a pet carrier that is versatile for training, car ride, travel, indoor and outdoor use. The foldable travel crate is made with durable steel tubes and water-resistant, sturdy fabric. The carrier is designed with mesh panels for ventilation, lightweight, and can be secured to the car with the seatbelt. The assemblage also comes with waterproof, washable, cushioned fleece pad for extra comfort. The pet travel carrier comes in different sizes and colors to fit with your BMW and makes your pet’s time in the car more comfortable and safer.

2PET Foldable Dog Crate - Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate - Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper Medium Beige
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2PET Foldable Dog Crate - Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate - Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper Medium Beige
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  • WASHABLE SOFT FABRIC COVER – The steel frame is covered with a water resistant, soft Oxford 600D fabric cover (a nylon variant) that is fully removable & machine washable – The new & improved design includes full frontal zipper that dogs can’t easily chew to bits

#2. Pet Seat Cover

Car seat cover preserves the longevity of your BMW seat’s leather and fabric. Quality car seat covers can prevent fading, scratch, odor, and discoloration of car seats. Replacing car seats or professional stain removal can be costly, especially if you’ve already spent a fortune on leather seats upgrade. Getting car seat cover is an inexpensive solution to keep your pets comfortable while protecting your car seats.

Universal fit, functional car seat cover made of durable, heavy-duty polyester provides waterproof protection with non-slip, multi-layer design for added comfort and convenience. Quality car seat covers can protect your seats from pet fur, grime, scratches, or spillage. Also get the waterproof and scratch-proof, pet-friendly backseat covers with harnesses and seat belts for your furry pal, so both of you can enjoy the ride safely and comfortably.

#3. Pet First Aid Kit

Emergencies can happen, so keep your pets protected during road-trips and outdoor activities with the pet first aid kit.

The compact and lightweight pet first aid kit has just the right amount of first aid necessities for on-the-go use. The 14-piece kit packed into a durable bag weighs only 92 grams and comes with a carabiner for portability. Basic first aid essentials such as gauze pad, antiseptic wipes, and elastic bandage are packed into a highly visible, durable orange bag. Keep one in your pet’s travel bag or your BMW trunk organizer, so it is easily accessible when traveling.

Don’t forget to keep an emergency kit for you and your family when on the road. If you spend most of your time out-and-about, you should consider preparing a complete emergency kit in your BMW. The compact and lightweight 100-piece survival emergency kit is neatly packed into a durable, sturdy, waterproof bag weighing only one pound. It can fit into your BMW’s glove box for easy access. The first aid essentials can prepare you for unforeseen situations on the go.

#4. Pet Travel Water Bottle

Long road trips or outdoor activities in the summer can be tough on your pets; it is important to keep your furry friends hydrated with a portable pet water bottle.

The 14oz pet travel water bottle with attached drinking cup is the perfect size for the long distance drive, hiking, and outdoor activities. The assemblage comes with coconut shell activated carbon antibacterial filter keeps your pet’s drinking water cleaner and odor-free. The hygienic cup cover is also designed with antibacterial material with key lock leak-proof design. Water dispenses with a push of a button, and the curved cup design makes it comfortable for pets to drink. The pet travel water bottle holds enough liquid for a trip and is just the right size to carry around in your pet travel bag or BMW’s trunk organizer.

LC-dolida Dog Water Bottle for Walking Travelling, 400ml/14oz
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LC-dolida Dog Water Bottle for Walking Travelling, 400ml/14oz
  • Perfect size, easy to carry: 14 oz. Portable dog drink bottle dispenser, enough for outdoor walking, hikes, travelling
  • Premium MATERIAL: made of high plastic. This bottle ensures your pet friends can drink whenever he or she is thirsty easily.
  • Quick design: one-hand watering, taking into account the owner's using convenience and safety of dogs. Drinking water anytime!

#5. Pet Travel Food Bowl

When you take your pets on a mini vacation or a half-day drive, keep a bowl handy to feed them on the go and give them a much-needed snack.

Bring a convenient, collapsible food bowl with you in long car rides. The easy pop-up and foldable design allow you to tuck it away in your pet’s travel bag or BMW’s trunk organizer when not in use. The pet travel food bowl is made from food-grade, high-quality silicone, and it is free from toxic materials such as lead and BPA. The portable travel bowl holds 12 oz. of liquid or 1.5 cups of food, and it can be folded down to only 0.5 inches in height when not in use. The silicone material makes it easy to rinse and wipe clean after feeding your pets on-the-go. The bowl can be easily carried with matching carabiners when taking your pets on a hike or a long walk.

COMSUN 2-Pack Collapsible Dog Bowl, Food Grade Silicone BPA Free, Foldable Expandable Cup Dish for Pet Cat Food Water Feeding Portable Travel Bowl Blue and Green Free Carabiner ¡­
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COMSUN 2-Pack Collapsible Dog Bowl, Food Grade Silicone BPA Free, Foldable Expandable Cup Dish for Pet Cat Food Water Feeding Portable Travel Bowl Blue and Green Free Carabiner ¡­
  • Portable & convenient: collapsible dog bowl is 5. 1 inches wide, 2. 1 inches Height, each bowl holds up to 12 fluid ounces of water or 1. 5 cups of dog food. - 0. 5 inches when compact - simply pop-up and then fold away
  • Safe materials and : made with high quality silicone. You also can rest assured that when your pet is enjoying Food or water from one of our bowls they're completely safe
  • Durable and reusable: the bowl's durable construction means that they can be rinsed or wiped clean after use. Also gives the bowl greater longevity over other similar products

#6. Pet Travel Bag

When traveling with your pets, keep their accessories, food, water, and toys neatly organized in a pet travel bag for easy reach.

Choose a pet travel bag that’s the right size for your pet’s needs. Get the large pet travel bag for long vacations with your furry pal. Pick a medium size pet travel bag for smaller sized pets going on road-trips, or choose a small sized pet travel bag for short, day-trips.

The pet travel bags can easily fit in your BMW and keep everything organized while on the road. The pet travel bags come with lined travel food carriers, placemat, and collapsible pet travel food bowls. The large and medium-sized pet travel bags are equipped for large and small pets for up to a week of travel. The small travel bag is perfect for a short walk on the beach or hiking trip.

#7. BMW Trunk Organizer

A BMW trunk organizer is a must-have car accessory that will make our road trips and outdoor activities more efficient. You can organize all the essentials, including pet accessories such as pet travel water bottle and snacks into the trunk organizer, and never have to fumble through a messy bag again.

A good trunk organizer should be lightweight, portable, and provides ample storage as well as easy access to things. This versatile, heavy-duty trunk organizer has four compartments that include two sub-dividers for a customizable storage solution in addition to 11 pockets that range from small to large. The eco-friendly design is durable and is hand-made from premium, high-quality of Oxford Polyester. The organizer is waterproof and abrasion resistant for extended wear so you can throw in your pet’s necessities worry-free.

See the complete list of BMW interior care accessories.

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  • USABILITY - EASY TO USE AND INSTALL, ANYONE CAN DO IT! Gone are the days of a messy car. Simply unfold and load any items you desire. It is one of the largest and most effective backseat organizer on the market. It has a clip and hold sub-divider, a middle sub-divider, rigid base plates and center that allows you to stay organized in your vehicle. With its well-constructed design, the organizer stays firm without any cargo in it.

#8. Car Vacuum

A cordless, compact vacuum is a must-have to keep your BMW’s interior clean. When your pets love to keep you company in car rides, a handheld vacuum with powerful suction can clean up pet fur on the car seats and carpet quick and easy.

The Dyson cord-free vacuum is our top choice because it always gets the job done without breaking a sweat. You can get 30-minutes of fade-free suction with its powerful digital motor. For a quick cleaning, use the Combination Tool for a thorough and gentle dusting. The Mini Motorized Tool comes in handy when you need to remove ground-in dirt from last weekend’s outdoor event as well as pet hair our furry friends leave behind. Use the Crevice Tool when reaching into small gaps and crevices. When done cleaning, the Hygienic dirt ejector removes trapped debris in a hands-free, single action.

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Capacity (volume) - .15 gallon; Cord free; Hassle free; No cord to unravel, plug in, drag around and restrict your reach; You can quickly and easily clean when you need to
  • Tools included: Mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool
  • Powered by Dyson digital motor V7; The most powerful handheld vacuum; Up to 30 minutes of fade free suction; With fade free lithium ion batteries, suction starts strong and stays strong uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. By continuing access to this website, you are giving us consent to cookies being used. For more Information, please visit’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.