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The BMW M4 Driving Experience

May 1, 2020

Now it is time for the real question, how does the BMW M4 drive? Having grown such a bond to the M3 E92 Coupe for the past years, we’ve decided to test out the new BMW M4.

The BMW M4 Coupe has been well received in the U.S. market ever since its first debut in the summer of 2014. We’ve always loved the lean and mean sapphire black metallic body paint, but today we are taking out the M4 with the Yas Marina Blue Metallic exterior paired with the black 19-inch Double-Spoke Light Alloy Wheels.

We have got to admit, the sleeker flow of the redesigned exterior body shell, the BMW signature black Kidney grille with the M4 designation, and those notorious adaptive LED Angel Eyes most certainly earned our hats-off for this beast.

BMW M4 Driving Experience

Settling into the M Sport bucket racing seats, and adjusted the firmness of the 4-way lumbar support to our likings, we quickly scanned the interior. At a glance, many of the familiar features that were present in the prior generation M3 Coupe seems to be present in the new M4.

Cosmetically, the M tri-colored stitching subtly lines the leathered steering wheel. The Carbon Fiber interior trim with black chrome highlights adds a nice touch.  Two more things that caught our attention are the Carbon Fiber trim of the Center Console and the Backlit M Logo on the backseats upholstered in the Black Merino Leather. Brownie points worthy!

In case you are interested, we’ve got the full-on BMW M4 guide right here for your entertainment.

BMW M4 Engine Specs

It is time for the race! Unfortunately, traffic laws here limit our urge to test out the M4 to its full potential. However, we did get a good taste of its power from this drive. With the M TwinPower Turbocharged Inline-6 (S55) and a whopping 425 horsepower rear-wheel-drive pulling 406 lbs-ft of torque, you can definitely hear this one coming down the street.

On the freeway, the M4 easily goes from 0 to 60 mph in just about 4 seconds. Pressing the M button is just as thrilling as flooring the gas pedal and feeling the full throttle of the engine power took control of the drive.


BMW M4 Carbon Ceramic Brakes Driving Experience

Oh, and the $8,150 worth of BMW M Carbon Ceramic Brakes has done the trick in the process somehow. The firm pedals are a telltale sign. So, if you take your M to the tracks often, you should consider starting a saving fund for those.

Saying the drive is compelling is an understatement. It is enough to get us thinking about trading in the beloved E92 Coupe.

By all means, the new M4 is not exactly an economy car, nor does the “up to 17-mpg city” sound like a promising plan to reduce future gas expenditures. Our take on it is – you get what you pay for.

Now, we are seriously considering a trade in…