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BMW Outdoor Sporting Gears and Essentials Guide

If you love the outdoor road-trips, camping deep in the woods, and ski resort get-aways, consider equipping your BMW with quality outdoor sporting gears and essentials. From the perfect BMW rooftop cargo box to the much needed first-aid kit. We have the top-rated BMW outdoor gears and essentials for your adventures.

Top 8 BMW Outdoor Sporting Gears and Essentials

  1. BMW Cargo box
  2. BMW Roof Rack
  3. BMW Bike Rack
  4. BMW Car Vacuum
  5. BMW All-Weather Floor Mats
  6. BMW First Aid Kit
  7. BMW Trunk Organizer
  8. BMW Sunshade

BMW Cargo box BMW cargo boxes are the perfect utility for storing your road-trip essentials or sporting accessories. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit with the roof racks on top of your BMW, and they can be easily attached or removed as needed.

How to Choose the Right Cargo Box for your BMW?

When shopping for a car roof cargo box for your BMW, consider the following three factors.

1. What Are You Carrying in the Cargo Box?

Knowing what you want to carry in the roof cargo box determines what size and dimension you should purchase. For examples, surfboards, snowboarding equipment, and essentials for a weeklong family camping trip may need a bigger cargo box than knickknacks for a short road trip. Explore different sizes and volumes while considering your needs for the cargo box before you buy.

2. How Often are You using the Cargo Box?

Ease of installation is a significant factor when selecting your perfect BMW cargo box. Depending on how often you need to use it, easy installation makes putting on and taking off the cargo box painless. Functional cargo boxes should have the tool-free mounting capability and should install in just a few minutes.

If you frequent long road-trips or ski resort trips, choose a cargo box that is dependable, safe, and secure. Pay close attention to the design, the material and how the lid closes on the cargo box. A quality cargo box should have a durable, aerodynamic design, ample interior space and closes perfectly around all corners and edges. It should also come with locking capabilities to keep valuables protected for the long haul.

3. Is the Cargo Box Compatible with Your BMW?

Always check if your cargo box is compatible with your BMW’s roof rack. Choose a brand that has a universal fit for all roof rack configurations, so you don’t need to buy another one when you change your car.

One more thing, BMW is known for its performance and aerodynamic design to ensure the best driving experience. Invest in a cargo box that is aerodynamic in design helps reduce drag and pushes air away from the box to provide optimal driving and fuel efficiency.

The Perfect BMW Cargo Box

Our top-pick in BMW cargo box would be the Thule Force Cargo Box. It features the durable five-layer ABS plastic with the diamond-textured AeroSkin Shell, which can withstand tough weather conditions as well as wear-and-tear. The sleek, modern design is a perfect fit with BMW’s aerodynamic body and can be securely fitted into most roof racks. The Thule Force Cargo Box has dual-side opening ability allowing easy access. It has a tool-free quick-grip mounting system which attaches the box to rack in less than 5 minutes, while the oversized secure lock system works with the built-in Thule SecureLock technology to ensure your belongings are safe. The cargo box comes in a variety of dimensions and volume so you can find the best fit for your BMW.

BMW Roof Rack

BMW roof racks help secure sporting equipment such as ski board, surfboard, canoe, snowboard, luggage, and work with roof cargo boxes to fit the essentials for your next road-trip or family camping. Make investments into quality and compatible roof racks that are safe, secure, durable and compatible with your BMW.

Choose a roof rack with aerodynamic design that reduces drag and noise for an optimal driving experience. While custom fit roof racks specific to your BMW model are ideal, adjustable universal roof racks are also good options. Before installation, make sure your BMW has cross rails on the roof to fit the roof racks. Check the claps of the roof rack to make sure they are heavy duty and have padding or protection to keep your BMW’s cross rails damage free. Sturdy and lightweight materials like Aluminum are ideal for roof racks. Always check with the vendor for specifications and measurements to make sure it’s a perfect size for your BMW.

BMW Bike Rack

BMW bike rack is one of the most popular BMW sports enthusiasts’ add-ons. A sturdy bike rack can safely transport your bicycle for outdoor cycling, camping, and road trips.

Quality bike racks should be smooth and quick to install, can safely secure your bicycle onto the rack without needing tools, and keep your bike protected. Choose a bike rack that can be tightened into the receiver hitch wobble-free and make sure the tie-down system can securely hold your bicycle in place but is adjustable to fit different frame-sized bikes. The bike rack should have the flexibility to tilt back for easy lift-gate access and can be folded down when not in use. Explore bike racks with different sizes and capacities to find the ideal one that fits your BMW and suits your needs.

BMW Car Vacuum

Having a cordless, compact vacuum is essential for keeping your BMW’s interior clean. Sporting equipment, shoes or dirty cloth can soil your car seats and carpet. A handheld vacuum with powerful suction can clean up a mess quick and easy.

The Dyson cord-free vacuum is our top choice because it always gets the job done without breaking a sweat. You can get 30-minutes of fade-free suction with its powerful digital motor. For a quick cleaning, use the Combination Tool for a thorough and gentle dusting. The Mini Motorized Tool comes in handy when you need to remove ground-in dirt from last weekend’s outdoor event as well as pet hair our furry friends leave behind. Use the Crevice Tool when reaching into small gaps and crevices. When done cleaning, the Hygienic dirt ejector removes trapped debris in a hands-free, single action.

BMW All-Weather Floor Mats

BMW all-weather floor mats are worth the Investment. All-weather floor mats not only prevent slipping from the rain, snow, and mud, they are a worthy investment to keep the carpet in your BMW pristine.

Coffee, food, dirt, or muddy rainwater can stain your BMW’s carpet. Just the everyday contact with shoes can wear down the interior carpet and make them look old, smelly and dirty. Especially when you take your car to frequent ski trips, sports events, or camping, BMW all-weather floor mats can keep your carpet free from mold, mildew, grime. By adding weatherproof floor mats, you can probably save few hundred dollars down the line from a deep cleaning.

All-weather floor mats are made of heavy-duty rubber or high-quality thermoplastic. They are resistant to mud and liquid, and they help to trap road salt, slush, sand, and grime. Cleaning up is easy, all you have to do is to rinse them with water or add in a mild cleaning solution.

BMW First Aid Kit

Do not overlook the importance of having a first aid kit in your car. Emergencies can happen while you are on the road, camping, or doing outdoor sports. If your BMW is missing its First Aid Kit, you should get a replacement for on-the-road safety purposes.

The genuine BMW first aid kit as part of the original BMW accessories comes in a compact and portable nylon bag and has 30 pieces of first aid essentials.  It can be easily tucked away in the glove compartment or the trunk organizer.

If you spend most of your time out-and-about, you should consider preparing a complete emergency kit in your BMW. The compact and lightweight 100-piece survival emergency kit is neatly packed into a durable, sturdy, waterproof bag weighing only one pound. It can fit into your BMW’s glove box for easy access. The first aid essentials can prepare you for unforeseen situations on the go.

BMW Trunk Organizer

A BMW trunk organizer is a must-have car accessory that will make our road trips and outdoor activities more efficient. You can organize all the essentials into the trunk organizer and never have to fumble through a messy bag again.

A good trunk organizer should be lightweight, portable, and provides ample storage as well as easy access to things. This versatile, heavy-duty trunk organizer has four compartments that include two sub-dividers for a customizable storage solution in addition to 11 pockets that range from small to large. The eco-friendly design is durable and is hand-made from premium, high-quality of Oxford Polyester. The organizer is waterproof and abrasion resistant for extended wear so you can throw in your groceries, equipment and gadgets worry-free.

BMW Sunshade

No matter where is your next camping trip, front windshield sunshade is one of the most needed essentials to bring along. When you park your BMW outdoor, the sun’s UV rays can cause severe damage to your car’s interior such as the dashboard and the car seats. The heat trapped inside the vehicle can also be extremely uncomfortable.

There is a simple, efficient and cost-friendly solution–BMW sunshade. Universal BMW sunshade with UV protection is designed to fit the shape of your BMW’s front windshield on most BMW models. The sunshade is made from durable, high-quality nylon to keep the vehicle’s interior cool. The exterior is a silver-coated, radiant barrier system that adequately reflects 95% of the sunlight. The sunshade itself has 99% UV protection. It can be easily folded down into a compact size when not in use.

BMW sunshades can save your BMW’s interior from UV damage. It can preserve your car seats, dashboard, interior trims, and the things you keep in the car from damage, premature aging and cracking.


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