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Built In BMW Dashcam

Have you ever seen those YouTube videos where scammers get caught faking traffic accidents to get money from drivers or insurance companies? Some of them are truly outrageous, but we only even know about them because of a humble little device that thankfully sits in an increasing number of vehicles — the dashcam.

BMW Dashcam

Does BMW Have a Dash Cam?

The short answer is yes they do, but there are two quite different forms. The first BMW dashcam option is one that makes use of the front and rear parking cameras. When the car detects that collisions might be about to occur, it activates the recording and will capture up to 40 seconds of footage which is then saved in the car’s system. You can access these in the car or via a smartphone app.

This choice is very neat because while new cars may have been built with the feature ready, older cars could still receive the upgrade via a backdated software patch. This meant that a huge number of BMW drivers were able to benefit from this new feature.

If customers are not satisfied with this arrangement, then they can go for the second BMW dashcam option – the BMW Advanced Car Eye. This drive recorder can be purchased from BMW dealerships and many other online and regular retailers. In the world of dashcams, it’s among the best sellers.

Besides these two options, BMW drivers could also look to another brand of drive recorder or dash cam as there are plenty of choices out there for aftermarket devices that will meet their needs.

What is the BMW Advanced Car Eye?

The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is the latest official front- and rear-view BMW dashcam currently. The Car Eye series has proven very popular, receiving rave reviews from BMW owners around the world. Because it’s designed and built by BMW, the cameras blend perfectly with the interior of your car and are simple to install at the front and rear.

Once installed, the camera will begin recording as soon as you start the engine, and you can store the video recordings on your smartphone. They are also saved onto the SD card, which you can remove and access via a computer or card reader.

They fit into all BMW models and can detect potential collisions and separately store key incidents, including essential map data and other details that you may need if you find yourself in a dispute with another driver.

Is it Worth Buying a Dash Cam?

If you’re driving a BMW that has the software update and is capable of recording and saving incidents, then a separate camera device isn’t really necessary. If your only purpose is for it to activate and record specific incidents like collisions, then it’s more convenient to simply use BMW’s own parking camera system.

If, on the other hand, you are wanting to have longer recordings of entire drives, then dashcams are actually a pretty good idea. The new standard above-mentioned feature is only designed to detect and record specific incidents, rather than offering continuous recording. The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 will give you a more comprehensive view of your driving.

What is the Point of a Dashcam?

It may look like a frivolous purchase, at first, but in fact, if you are a BMW driver, having a dashcam is a good idea for a number of reasons.

  1. It provides first-hand evidence in the event of an accident. Perhaps 9 times out of 10, an accident will result in the other party owning up to their mistake, sharing information, and resolving the incident amicably. The camera is for that additional 1 in 10 who might attempt to lie about what happened to the police or an insurance company. Your camera footage is invaluable.
  2. It keeps teenage and other young users in check. If your BMW is a family car shared with another driver, one of whom a teen or young, wild driver, then a dash cam is a good way to curb their bad behavior. None of us like to spy, but a dash cam is a form of control that helps give you peace of mind and protect your car from reckless driving behavior.
  3. It will stop you from becoming a fraud victim. If you only hear one piece of advice from this blog, hear this one. Scammers are everywhere, and it’s hard to know where they will strike. Dashcams spot their false actions and record them, and that’s the ultimate protection against their deceitful behavior.

Don’t become another news item. Invest in a BMW drive recorder or similar dashcams and protect yourself while on the road. These cameras and their videos make roads safer for all of us.

If your BMW is not compatible with the Advanced Car Eye and Drive Recorder, you still have a few options. Here are our top dashcams choices:

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