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Ever wondered, which BMW has the B58 engine? Well, rev your curiosity engine, because you’re about to embark on a turbocharged trip down the BMW lane. We’ll be shifting gears through the intricacies of the B58, the models that house it, and why this engine is worth the hype. So, buckle up, folks! You’re in for one heck of a ride!

I. The Legendary B58: BMW’s Pride

1.1 What’s in a Name? The B58 Unveiled

The B58, BMW’s inline-six powerhouse, is the successor to the highly lauded N55 engine. With a beefed-up performance profile, it’s no surprise that the B58 has purred its way into the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. But what really sets this piece of machinery apart from its rivals? Let’s dive deeper and find out.

1.2 The B58 Engine: Turbocharged for Extra Thrills

The B58 comes with a twin-scroll turbocharger, providing more efficient power output and improving fuel economy. But that’s not all! With the turbocharger located within the engine’s ‘V’ (a design known as ‘hot inside V’), we see a drastic reduction in turbo lag. Essentially, you’re getting a beast that responds quicker and packs a serious punch!

II. BMW Models with the B58: A Symphony of Power and Luxury

2.1 Which BMW Has the B58 Engine?

To answer the question, “Which BMW has the B58 engine?”—you’ll find this beauty growling under the hood of various BMW models, notably the M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i, and the 740i. Let’s pull back the hood on these models and reveal why the B58 makes them purr like no other.

2.2 M140i: Small Package, Big Bang

The M140i might look compact, but don’t let that fool you. With the B58 at its heart, this hatchback delivers a performance that’ll leave larger cars eating its dust. You get the same six cylinders, the same 3.0 liters, and the same whopping 340 horsepower. It’s a small package with a big bang!

2.3 M240i: The Sports Coupe with a Difference

The M240i, BMW’s sporty coupe, showcases the B58 in all its glory. With the enhanced performance, smoother driving experience, and increased power, the M240i is truly a joyride on wheels. And the B58 engine is at the heart of this driving ecstasy!

2.4 340i: Power Meets Executive Luxury

The 340i, part of BMW’s renowned 3 Series, is where executive luxury meets raw power. The B58 engine makes this sedan a force to be reckoned with. It’s not just about looking good—it’s about the thrilling experience behind the wheel.

2.5 440i: The Versatile Powerhouse

Whether in the form of a sleek coupe, a family-friendly Gran Coupe, or a sun-loving convertible, the 440i makes a statement with the B58 engine. This versatile powerhouse goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering performance that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

2.6 740i: Redefining Luxury Performance

Finally, we have the 740i, the jewel in the crown of BMW’s 7 Series. Here, the B58 engine finds its home in a luxury sedan that oozes class and power. The 740i, equipped with the B58, is truly a masterclass in performance-oriented luxury.

III. B58 versus the Competition: Why BMW Stands Tall

3.1 B58 vs. Mercedes-Benz M256

Ever wondered how the B58 stacks up against the competition? Let’s put it head-to-head with the M256 from Mercedes-Benz. Although both engines offer similar performance specs, the B58 takes the lead with its unique ‘hot inside V’ turbocharger design. Simply put, the B58 gives you more bang for your buck!


1. What is the B58 engine in BMW?

The B58 is BMW’s 3.0 liter, inline-six engine. It’s turbocharged for improved power and efficiency and can be found in several BMW models.

2. What models have the B58 engine?

The B58 can be found in the BMW M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i, and 740i models.

3. How does the B58 engine enhance performance?

The B58 engine provides superior throttle response, improved fuel efficiency, and an overall smoother driving experience.

4. What’s unique about the B58’s design?

The B58 uses a ‘hot inside V’ design, placing the turbocharger within the engine’s ‘V’ for a reduction in turbo lag.

5. Is the B58 engine reliable?

The B58 is known for its reliability and longevity, thanks to its robust design and build quality.

6. How does the B58 compare to its competitors?

The B58 stands out from its competitors with its superior turbocharger design, providing a more responsive and powerful performance.


In the end, the question “Which BMW has the B58 engine?” reveals more than a list of car models. It uncovers the evolution of BMW’s commitment to engineering excellence, luxury, and unparalleled driving experiences. The B58 is not just an engine—it’s the heart of a beast. And in the right car, it can make your heart race too!